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Cop This!: Summer Cool Part II

Kick It!: My Converse Sneaker

 Last year,  I showed y'all some of the fashionable gear that I was  rockin' during the summer of 2009.

Well, here's Part II of "Summer Cool." Here are some of the things I'm rockin' this summer. Pay attention:

No Croc: Lacoste Polo Shirts Are The Shit! Go Cop!

You never go wrong with polo shirts in the summer. Again, my favorite goto brand is Lacoste. Yes, they are expensive, but you can cop some crocodile shirts on sale. Click HERE.

I copped several T-shirts, as well.

For a wide selection of tees, go to The Giant Peach. They have hundreds of T-shirts and apparel on at their online store.

Another favorite store I go to get hot T-shirts is UNDRCRW.


I copped this "Boogie Man" T-shirt (from the Mos Def Collection) and the Hood Life T-shirt.

Everybody is going to start catching the "Vapors" this summer with these Cold Chillin' T-shirts, which are being sold at Stones Throw, the Almighty indie rap label from the West Coast.

Cold Sweat: Cold Chillin' T-Shirt

Square Biz: Biz Markie T-Shirt

I'm rockin' Cold Chillin T-shirts all summer long in honor of the rap label that gave us hip-hop's venerable superstars Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, Roxanne Shante, MC Shan, Craig G, Kool G. Rap and legendary producer Marley Marl

"Can you feel it? Nothin' can save ya . . . "


For sneakers, no better place to grab some hot footwear than the good folks at Extra Butter (NYC).

I'm fucking with Nike's Air Jordan retros, Air Force 1's and Vandals and the rare Howard Beach Air Force 1's (see pic above).

But since we are in a recession -- any sleek pair of Converse kicks is good to rock with your summer gear.

And finally, you need to accessorize! Yes, you need accessories, dude.

First up -- a necklace.

I like to go to Metropark and cop some  "Rosary"-style cross necklaces -- Click HERE.

If that's too ghey for ya, then cop a necklace from the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

You also need sunglasses. Hit up Sunglasses Hut and cop you some

Stay Cool!