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No. 1

Filmmaker Rik Cordero  

Filmmaker Rik Cordero is one of my favorite video directors in the biz right now. And for the record, I have been given Rik props since Joell Ortiz's 2007 video, "Brooklyn Bullshit"  (check the archives). So I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, fools.

So far, Rik has helmed two excellent videos for two of my favorite summer songs.

Slaughterhouse -- "The One"

Rik explains the video's imagery:

"I drew my inspiration from the ending of Larry Clark’s "Kids"  in which Slaughterhouse wakes up in a penthouse hotel after a highly promiscuous party. The performance shots recall what happened the night before as they see liquor, garbage and half naked women strewn throughout the rooms. Enjoy!

Slaughterhouse's video also reminds me of
N.E.R.D.'s very first video for their 2007 single, "Lap Dance." Remember that clip? You don't? Well, through the magic of YouTube you can watch it right HERE.  

K'Jon -- "On the Ocean"

K'Jon has released a new video for his tranquil ballad "On the Ocean," which has become an airplay mainstay on urban contemportary radio. In the clip, the Detroit crooner plays a recently unemployed factory worker who pursues his dream of becoming a restaurateur. The video speaks to the ballad's own inspirational message that if you stay focused on your dreams they will eventually come true. The clip features some great "step" dancing, as well. The song is from K'Jon's upcoming album,
I Get Around (due Aug. 4).

Rik Cordero is indeed . . . The One.