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Copped: Timex 80 Jumbo - Universe Collection

Timex Red Mercury "Jumbo" Watch Timex Jupiter Brown "Jumbo" Watch

Do you really know what time it is?

I know everybody is wearing those G-Shock watches and they are fashionably hip-hop, but the Timex 80 watch line are DOPE. And they are a great alternative to the G-Shocks for those who don't want to follow the in-crowd.

I just copped some of the Timex 80 "JUMBO" - Universe Collection digital timepieces, which are currently available at New York's beloved sneaker boutique Extra Butter.

The Universe Collection boasts a BIG FACE  and a few eye-catching colorways -- all named after some of the planets that inhabit the solar system.

The hot planetary color versions include the limited-edition "Red Mercury" (black/red), "Brown Jupiter" (Chocolate/mint), "Blue Neptune" (blue), "Red Mars" (Red) and "Green Earth" (Green/Black).

Cop these Timex 80 "Jumbo" Universe watches right HERE