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New Music: Timbaland (F/ Drake) - "Say Something"


Timbaland (Featuring Drake) -- "Say Something" (Album Version)

Props to

This song leaked a couple of weeks ago, but, I think, it only featured Drake's verses.

Now this is the album version featuring lyrics from both Timbaland and Drake. The track is from Timbo's forthcoming disc, Shock Value II (due Nov. 24). I like the song -- it's definitely hot. It's has a nice melody, a catchy hook and I didn't mind Drake's warbling via the Auto-Tune.

As far as Timbaland's  2007 LP Shock Value, I didn't care for any of the songs on it, aside from the club anthem "The Way I Are," which introduced us to R&B/pop princess Keri Hilson.

I recently listened to the first single from Shock Value II . . . and that song is straight garbage.

So, hopefully, they will release this joint as a  second single and accompany it with a  Hype Williams-directed well-directed futuristic video.

Shock It To Me: 'Shock Value II' Album Cover

Again . . . let us hope.


New Music: Wale (F/ John Mayer) -- "Letter"

Wale John Mayer

Wale (featuring John Mayer) -- "Letter"

Props: Karen Civil

Spotted at Rap Radar

Hot-Rapper-Of-The-Moment Wale tapped guitarist-crooner John Mayer for this song, in which the D.C. verbalist relays an urgent message to President Obama and the late rap icon Tupac Shakur.

Can you feel the urgency? Ha!

It's ii-ight. Nothing special. I'm still trying to figure what is so special about Wale.

Anyway . . . D.C. Stand Up!


Man In The Mirror: Introducing Rapper Toki Wright

The Right Man: Rapper Toki Wright

Toki Wright -- "Devil's Advocate" (Music Video)

A friend of mines in Minneapolis put me on to rapper Toki Wright's new video for "Devil's Advocate."  The clip has a "truth & consequences" theme going on here -- the truth and what we do, or don't do, will determine the consequences, for better or for worse. There three revolving stories involving people from different walks of life. It all reminds me of that Oscar-winning, race-themed movie, Crash

For those of you who may not know,  Toki Wright is the hype-man for rapper Brother Ali. (By the way, Brother Ali's new album Us is phenomenal.)

After years of touring and prepping himself for the rap game, he signed with Rhymesayers Entertainment  and dropped his debut LP A Different Mirror in June. The collection is different than any other rap album you have heard this year. Over some head-nodding beats, the Minneapolis verbalist spits informative rhymes about the social, political and economic struggles that African-Americans are now facing in the year of OBAMA.

People are always asking me, "Yo Trent, I keep hearing all of this gangster shit in rap. But where are the positive rappers at?"

Well . . . here it is. I just put you on. 

Go cop Toki Wright's LP A Different Mirror NOW!


If you want to know more about Toki Wright, check out this interview with him on MPR (89.3 The Current).

Props to Minnesota Public Radio

Toki Wright -- Rhymesayers | MySpace | Twitter | iTunes


Mr. Peter Parker (from B96) Interviews Toki Wright/Freestyle


Like, OMG . . . Check Out This Video!

Duece Poppi -- "My White Friends" (Music Video)

Like . . . Oh my God! . . . I totally freakin' love this video. Like, it's totally, like, fresh to death or whatever those black rappers be sayin'.

Now, I don't know who this rapper Duece Poppi is, but whatever, bro. He's from Atlanta and he's on Slip-N-Slide Records. Sweeeet!

Dude, watch Poppi's video, it's called "My White Friends," and it's totally gnarly.

Peace up, hoes down, mutahfuckers. Eh, eh.

Like . . . OMG!


A Scholar And A Gentleman: @Phontigallo Gives Life Lessons on Twitter

The Real Dr. Phil: Phonte Coleman

Phonte Coleman (aka @Phontigallo) of The Foreign Exchange went on rant for a couple of minutes via Twitter Wednesday as if he were the black Dr. Phil.

I don't know what prompted the diatribe, but from the gathering of the tweets, it looks as if Phonte was explaining that for both men and women real maturity doesn't really begin until after 30 years of age. And when it comes to men, manhood isn't achieved until men are secure in their career and finances. Phonte even suggests that a man's sexual drive is based on how big his big account is. So ladies, that means:  the bigger the bank account . . . the bigger "O" (orgasm) you're going to have.  

In my humble opinion, these tweets below are the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Ladies and Gentlemen . . . read up. This is some "real game" Phonte is talking here: