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Dear Mommy . . .

Mommy's Boy: Rapper Saigon

 Can we please have a moment of silence . . .

Saigon's mother Josephine Sampson passed away Monday (Oct. 19) in New York from an undisclosed illness. The Brooklyn rapper went on his MySpace page and eulogized his mother in a heartfelt blog post.

It reads:

"Yesterday, I lost the most important person in this world to me . . . My Mommy.

I lost my mother,  the woman who taught me to be a man when my father dipped out!!

I lost the woman who gave me my first rap tape and introduced me to hip hop.

I lost my pride and joy Ms. Josephine Sampson.

I lost the woman who would make me stand up for myself under any circumstance. The woman who I didn't understand why she would be tough with me until I had to use what she taught me to survive.

Its a sad sad sad day for me . . .

God bless you all . . . She is now looking down on all of us . . . Thank You."

Siagon -- "My Mommy"

Props to

This is the great thing about hip-hop music . . . it ignites passion and invokes emotion through song. We need more genuine rap songs like this. My condolences to Saigon and the Sampson Family.


New Music: Rihanna - "Russian Roulette"


Rihanna is back with her first single from her upcoming disc Rated R (due Nov. 23). The Ne-Yo-penned ballad is called "Russian Roulette," in which Rihanna sings about the risks of falling in love again after a failed relationship (at least, that's how I interpret it). Love is a gamble, y'all!

I think Rihanna made the right choice with picking an emotional power ballad to kick off her long-awaited return.

The wait is over . . . Ri-Ri is back! 


Justin Timberlake Co-Signs Rihanna's Comeback to Music

Swiped from MTV

"I think that the smartest thing she's doing is not trying to emulate what she did but move forward. I've heard some of the stuff on the record and it's awesome."


A "Supreme" T-Shirt

T-"Love": John Coltrane T-Shirt
T-"Love": John Coltrane T-Shirt

Awesome! A combination of my two loves -- John Coltrane and fashion.

Apparel company/store Supreme has immortalized the late jazz icon John Coltrane for their new t-shirt collection. The tees featured images from the legendary saxophonist's classic albums A Love Supreme and Coltrane's Sound.

The Supreme/John Coltrane tee will be available at their retail store and online shop on Oct. 22, and then in Japan on Oct. 24.

Spotted at Freshness


Copped: Timex 80 Jumbo - Universe Collection

Timex Red Mercury "Jumbo" Watch Timex Jupiter Brown "Jumbo" Watch

Do you really know what time it is?

I know everybody is wearing those G-Shock watches and they are fashionably hip-hop, but the Timex 80 watch line are DOPE. And they are a great alternative to the G-Shocks for those who don't want to follow the in-crowd.

I just copped some of the Timex 80 "JUMBO" - Universe Collection digital timepieces, which are currently available at New York's beloved sneaker boutique Extra Butter.

The Universe Collection boasts a BIG FACE  and a few eye-catching colorways -- all named after some of the planets that inhabit the solar system.

The hot planetary color versions include the limited-edition "Red Mercury" (black/red), "Brown Jupiter" (Chocolate/mint), "Blue Neptune" (blue), "Red Mars" (Red) and "Green Earth" (Green/Black).

Cop these Timex 80 "Jumbo" Universe watches right HERE


Eminem Still Ballin'

First . . . *PAUSE* on the headline/title of this post.

Renegade Rappers: Jay-Z And Eminem

Eminem -- "Taking My Ball"

Props Def Pen Radio 71.8

I'm not an avid video gamer. I haven't own a video game console since Nintendo back in the late '80s. Sad, I know.

But this Eminem track featured on the upcoming DJ Hero Renegade Edition is straight BANGIN' SLAMMIN'!

The track is called "Taking My Ball," which has the diabolical Detroit spitfire poking fun at himself and other celebrities.

In my Spider-Man mask just imagine/

The fun I can have with a strap on/

Stick it up Kim Kardashian's ass/

And make the bitch run a triathlon . . .

Oh Eminem . . . you are so kooky.

Forget about the lyrics, I can't get passed the productions on this track. Bravo!

But the single sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack of one those EA NBA Live video games.

Anyway, I'm not into video games. But the DJ Hero Renegade Edition is due in stores Oct. 27.

The artwork above was created by Shepard Fairey, who infamously designed the pre-President Obama "Hope" poster. He's currently catching Hell for allegedly lying about what image he used to designed the poster in his ongoing copyright-infridgment/fair use legal battle with the Associated Press. Let's hope this comes to an ambicably solution. He's a cool artist who doesn't need to get jammed up over his artistic expression.


VIDEO: Jay-Z & Eminem talk "DJ Hero"