New Video: Felt - "Chewed Up"
The Black Friday Music Post: Booty, Beats & Links

Happy Turkey Day!

I Love Me Some Pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unlike last year . . .

I'm Thankful . . . to still have breath in my lungs.

I'm Thankful . . . for having shelter and food despite losing my job.

I'm Thankful . . . that my blog is getting some shine this year.

I'm Thankful . . . for my Ma Dukes. She cooked a mean-ass Thanksgiving dinner. Props!

I'm Thankful . . . for my friends -- at least the ones who are returning my calls and e-mails.

I'm Thankful . . . for my barber who gives me a discount on my haircuts.

And . . .

I'm Thankful . . . for my readers. Thank you for checking out Beats and Rants.

Happy Bird Day to everyone!

Thanksgiving Message from President Obama