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New Video: Felt - "Chewed Up"

Felt (Slug & Murs) -- "Chewed Up" (Video)

Check out this fascinating video from those Felt boys (Slug and Murs). The song, "Chewed Up," is from their third effort, Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez (in stores now).


Felt (Slug & Murs) -- "Whaleface" (from Felt 3 LP)

Felt (Slug & Murs) -- "Henrietta Longbottom" (from Felt 3 LP)

Lily Kane Tweet

Tweet from the Soul Psycho


Copped » Timex 80 Calculator Watch

Timex 80 Calculator "White Archie"
Timex 80 Calculator: Black Theo

I've already introduced y'all to the Timex 80 Jumbo watches, now it's time for you to get on these Timex 80 "Calculator" watches.

Like the original Timex watch, it offers all the basic digital functionality (time, date, chrono) but this version adds a calculator, perfect for calculating the tip when the restaurant check arrives at the table. The Timex 80 Calculator watches boasts three colors: Black Theo, Blue Nigel, and White Archie.

These timepieces/calculators are the perfect alternative to the G-Shock watches that are in fashion right now.

New York's popular sneaker boutique Extra Butter has the collection available at their WEBSTORE.

Props to Extra Butter