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@Phontigallo On Why Men Love MJB's My Life Album

'Life' Stories: Mary J. Blige's Album My Life

Phonte Coleman (of Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange) wrote an excellent piece of music journalism on Mary J. Blige's 1994 classic album My Life.  Phonte describes the three-times platinum album as the ultimate break-up for both men and women.

Phonte writes:

"Men didn't just sympathize with Mary, we empathized as well. We questioned our decisions. We reminisced on past loves and past mistakes. We wondered what could've happened in a woman's life to make her sound so fragile. We wondered if somewhere, someplace there was a woman out there writing her own "My Life" based on her shitty experiences with us. For men, My Life was our guilty conscience. For women, it gave voice to an entire generation. Make no mistake about it, Mary J. Blige's sophomore LP is The Official Life Soundtrack For Black Women With Daddy Issues. It was more than music, it was ministry."

Read the entire commentary on

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Mary J. Blige is set to release her ninth effort Stronger with Each Tear on Dec. 22.