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Video: Tammy Torres Recreates Flashdance Sequence To Young Money Song "Girl You Know"

MEGA props to WSHH

Jennifer Beals eat your heart out!

Video chick/model Tammy Torres has been blazing the blogsphere lately -- first, she appeared in Chris Brown's "Transformers" video and then photos surfaced of her half-nekkid at C.Breezy's Halloween party with her gal pal Rosa Acosta. Muy Caliente!

In this video, Tammy is recreating the infamous ending of Flashdance, where homegirl overcomes her fears and goes to an audition at the Conservatory to dance in front of a bunch of hobnobs.

Granted, Tammy doesn't do any real classically-trained ballet moves, but her booty and leg stretches makes up for it. (Ha!) And we certainly could have done without the Young Money goons ogling at her.

All in all, it's not a bad video, but the original still holds up.

Oh, what a feelin'! . . .