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It's A Celebration: Happy New Year!!

#In2010 I'll Be Ringing In The New Year In Chi-City

"And You Say Chi-City . . ."
Chi-Tizzle!: The City of Chicago

(photo by phototravel1)

Common -- "Chi-City" (Featuring Kayne West)

On Dec. 31, I'm headed to Obama-Land!

I'll be in Chicago (aka Chicagoland aka Chi-Tizzle) to ring in 2010.

I'm very excited to travel to Chi-City and see how they rock for New Year's.

And yes, I'm going from one cold extreme to another.

Here in the New York/New Jersey area it's colder than a polar bear's toenails. And according to the weather channel, the Windy City will no doubt be the "Snowy City" on New Year's Eve with occasional snow showers.

Call me crazy or call me an adventurer, but after a bumpy 2009, I'm ready to get out of my environs and check out something new. I'm packing my clothes and I'm getting my snow boots ready for this trip.

I encourage everyone who is reading this to travel abroad or fly to another city outside of your own whenever you can.

Staying "in the 'hood" for the rest of your life is STRAIGHT BULLSHIT!!

Get up, Get Out . . . and Do Something.


Mr. Chi City's Give Away 2009

I wish I was there in Chicago when Mr. Chi City was doing his Christmas giveaway. A brotha needs a little cash in his pockets right now.

The clip features Mr. Chi City giving out cash for the holidays to unsuspecting strangers. He has been doing this for about three years now.

As Oprah Winfrey can attest to, the gift of giving is a beautiful thing. And watching these people melt with joy after Chi City hands them cash is simply priceless. A great video.

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