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Dope Men: Slum Village Drops Year-End Classic EP With 'Manifesto'

'Village' People: Slum Village

As I am currently compiling my "Year-End" and "Best of the Decade" lists, here comes Slum Village throwing a money wrench in my tallying with their rap classic Villa Manifesto EP.

I don't know if I should include the EP on my 2009 list or not. My cut-off date was Dec. 1 for 2009 releases, but SV's EP is so great I don't want to ignore it.

Decisions. . .decisions. . .decisions . . .

In any case, SV's six-song, digital-only release Villa Manifesto EP is available on iTunes.

According to the group,  Villa Manifesto EP is just a preview to persuade rap heads to cop Slum Village's full-length album of the same name when it drops in Spring 2010. If this is what SV is bringing on their new LP, then expect  the Detroit trio -- T3, Elzhi and Baatin (R.I.P.) -- to have the first great rap album of 2010.

Check out these classic bangers from the EP:

Slum Village -- "Nitro" (produced Young RJ)

via Moovmnt!

This joint reminds me of some old Wu-Tang Clan shit ("Da Mysteries of Shadowboxing") and Raekwon's stallar drug-rap album of 2009, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Part II.

Slum Village -- "Money Right"

This track was produced by the brilliant studio maestro Madlib. Unfortunately, Apple removed the song from their iTunes store.  You can now download the song. I recognize a couple of samples on this track, hopefully, someone will post the original source material. It's a great song with T3, Elzhi and Baatin rapping about what people are trying to accumulate in this dire economy -- money.

Slum Village's Villa Manifesto EP (available on iTunes -- Cop it NOW!!!is full of good-hearted lyrics and well-calibrated productions, making it the perfect swan album to end the Year in Rap (2009).

Bravo fellas!


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