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Crooked Letters: Crooks & Castles Watch Crooked Letters: Crooks & Castles Watch

If you are a daily reader of my blog, you would know that I'm an avid fan of the plastic watches, in particularly, the Timex 80 watches.

But don't get it twisted, I'm not on some kiddie shit when it comes to the accessories.

The Timex watches are great to wear along with fun, casual clothes like jeans, T-shirts and sneakers. But when it's time to dress up, you gotta ditch the rubber watches and wear a timepiece that is more gentlemanly.

Introducing the Crooks & Castles El Presidente (retail $450).

The stainless steel watch, which was inspired by Rolex's Presidential Oyster Perpetual, comes in two colors (black and sliver), and has genuine diamond chips and day/date movements. This is a very classic watch.

Only 125 timepieces were made and are available at select Crooks & Castles retailers.