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New Music: Erykah Badu - 'Jump In The Air' (F/ Lil Wayne)

E.Beezy Weezy

Props: DDotOmen

Boho songbird Erykah Badu teams up with Lil Wayne for her first single, 'Jump in the Air (And Stay There),' from her upcoming disc, New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh. Apparently, this song is the first of 10 different versions of the track.

You also can watch a psychedelic video for the song on E.Badu's OFFICIAL SITE.

Erykah Badu's new LP "New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh" is due in stores March 30 (maybe).


New Music: Sade Releases Three New Songs

Her 'Love' Is King: Sade

Sade released three new songs via the Internet in support for her upcoming disc, Soldier of Love (due Feb. 9). At first listen, it looks as if the soulful songbird hasn't lost her groove or sultry voice. The smooth metaphoric ballad "Skin" is my personal favorite.

Get ready, y'all! Sade is about to put on ya!

Sade -- "In Another Time"

Sade -- "The Moon and The Sky"

Sade -- "Skin"

Soldier of Music: FWMJ

Sade -- Official Site


New Music: Oddisee - Traveling Man LP

From Oddisee's blog:

"As a musician, life is often lived on the road. Each city leaves its imprint on the artist as they develop their craft. Touring, recording, and keeping up with friends and family took Oddisee beyond his hometown of Washington DC to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. From cities like East Africa's Khartoum in Sudan, to cosmopolitan jaunts like Paris & Tokyo. The influence of these travels can be heard on every one of the 24 tracks included on Traveling Man.

Each track was produced while Oddisee stayed in the city it was titled after. The result is a 24 city sonic tour of the world. Oddisee sees the world, so that you can hear it."

Tracks (click the link to listen):

"San Fran"



Props: MVRemix

Travelin' Man is available digitally today (Jan. 26) and will be released on a limited-edition vinyl pressing on Feb. 23.


New Mixtape: The Denzel Principle With Jimi Izrael

Jimi Izrael's The Denzel Principle

Award-winning journalist-author Jimi Izrael is one of my favorite commentators/bloggers on the Internet. I like his brash-style of writing via his column "The Hardline" for the Washington Post's The In the years that I've known him through this blog, he has pissed off a lot of people, especially women.

So I'm quite sure he's going to have a lot of ladies gunning for his ass when he drops his new book, The Denzel Principle -- Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men. The book, due in bookstores Feb. 16, arrives at the right time since, according to a controversial ABC Nightline report, 42 percent of single black women can't find any good black men to marry.

In Izrael's book he tries to dispel that urban legend and offer his thoughts as to why so many black women are single. He believes that some women are hypotized by "The Denzel Principle" (aka "Da Dizzle"), a belief that the perfect man -- in the form of Denzel Washington -- actually exists off-screen and that all black women can snag a Denzel of their very own.

Let's keep it real ladies, there's only one Denzel and he's already married. Ha!

In support of his upcoming book, Izrael has teamed up with DJ Diva, "The Mixstress of R&B," for a special mixtape called The Denzel Principle With Jimi Izrael. The collection features selected readings from Jimi himself and the latest R&B and hip-hop joints. Izrael talks about the "Booty Scale," where he rates various white booties (or "whooties"); single motherhood; his loathing of Kevin Powell, author Terri McMillian's "Down Low" nightmare and more.

Mixtape:  The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael (Listen Below)


Download DJ Diva's The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael Mixtape HERE.

"The Denzel Principle -- Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men" in bookstores Feb. 16.


My Style: Rainy Monday

My Fashion Style

It was raining cats and dogs early this morning and through most of the day. During my Monday morning surfing-the-Internet routine, I spotted this at the popular men's blog Uncrate and the clothes above fit my personal fashion style to a tee.

But there's only one problem: All of the clothes mentioned above are expensive -- $80 for a beanie hat? Get the f **k outta here!

So in its place, I offer you the same clothes below, but at reasonable prices.


Diamond Supply, 'City Cuff' Beanie -- $30

Ben Sherman Bag

Ben Sherman Holdall Bag -- $109

Clarks Shoes

Clarks Un.tudor Shoes-- $108

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