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Jimi Izrael's The Denzel Principle

Award-winning journalist-author Jimi Izrael is one of my favorite commentators/bloggers on the Internet. I like his brash-style of writing via his column "The Hardline" for the Washington Post's The In the years that I've known him through this blog, he has pissed off a lot of people, especially women.

So I'm quite sure he's going to have a lot of ladies gunning for his ass when he drops his new book, The Denzel Principle -- Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men. The book, due in bookstores Feb. 16, arrives at the right time since, according to a controversial ABC Nightline report, 42 percent of single black women can't find any good black men to marry.

In Izrael's book he tries to dispel that urban legend and offer his thoughts as to why so many black women are single. He believes that some women are hypotized by "The Denzel Principle" (aka "Da Dizzle"), a belief that the perfect man -- in the form of Denzel Washington -- actually exists off-screen and that all black women can snag a Denzel of their very own.

Let's keep it real ladies, there's only one Denzel and he's already married. Ha!

In support of his upcoming book, Izrael has teamed up with DJ Diva, "The Mixstress of R&B," for a special mixtape called The Denzel Principle With Jimi Izrael. The collection features selected readings from Jimi himself and the latest R&B and hip-hop joints. Izrael talks about the "Booty Scale," where he rates various white booties (or "whooties"); single motherhood; his loathing of Kevin Powell, author Terri McMillian's "Down Low" nightmare and more.

Mixtape:  The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael (Listen Below)


Download DJ Diva's The Denzel Principle with Jimi Izrael Mixtape HERE.

"The Denzel Principle -- Why Black Women Can't Find Good Black Men" in bookstores Feb. 16.