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Poll: Is Bell Biv Devoe's New Song 'Poison'?

Poison Clan: BBD (Bell Biv Devoe)

BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) -- "Hello"

Lifted: Double R

I spotted this at the Urban Daily.

I think this is a dope song. A hot bounce track for the clubs.

But some of my fellow music-blogging peers are offended by the song.

So I erected (nullus) this poll to see what your reactions might be to the trio's comeback single(?).


Pop Art: Amber Rose x Grace Jones

Picturesque Beauty: Amber Rose

Grace Under Fire: R&B/Dance Vixen Grace Jones

The Internets[sic] are going nuts over Kanye West's newly-designed "all-white" blog, which he unveiled today.

Undoubtedly, everyone is gawking at this post of the lovely Amber Rose (picture shown above), which clearly shows why she is such a "Bad Bish"[sic].

But hip-hop journalist/blogger Alvin Blanco of Slang Rap Democracy pointed out something I didn't even know until now...

Eccentric R&B/dance diva Grace Jones freaked the same pose 25 years ago on her 1985 album Island Life. The album featured such hits as "Pull Up to the Bumper" and "Love Is the Drug."

No question, I would love to pull up to Amber Rose's bumper, baby.

Incarcerated Scarface: Slang Rap


Grace Jones -- Pull Up to the Bumper" (Music Video)


Adidas 'O by O' Wings x Jeremy Scott

Fly Kicks!: Adidas O By O Wings by Jeremy Scott

Check out these crazy-ass sneakers!

These "winged" kicks were created by designer Jeremy Scott for Adidas' "O By O" collection. The colorful imprints and the wings alone make these the standout kicks of 2010. The Adidas "O by O" moniker stands for "originals by originals," which will offer up original footwear and apparel by original designers such as David Beckham, Kazuki and many others.

I can't see how anyone could wear these sneakers without dirtying them up. But these kicks are fly. Get it? Ha!

You can cop these sneakers at Extra Butter in New York.

Smooth Like: Extra Butter