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first rapper to call himself "a princess" #based

via BeatsnRants (on Tumblr):

Lil B’s freestyle is absolutely atrocious, and just because he calls himself a “princess” doesn’t make it cute.

Judging from this clip, it would be easy to say that the self-proclaimed “based God” is one of the most untalented lyrically uncoordinated rappers, ever.

But you would be wrong…sort of.

To help Lil B redeem himself from this embarrassing video, I offer you a song that he recorded for a 2009 mixtape, that is lyrically on-point.

Lil B — “Think Twice”

The song is called “Think Twice.” It’s a great track, from the Enya sample, to Lil’ B’s picturesque lyrics of society’s ills, its what Lil’ B should be doing more of than, say, uh, freestyling.

And he should stop wearing those old-lady jewelry, too. Ha!

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