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Credit Is Due: The 1992 Lost Gang Starr Interview

Extra 'Credit': Gang Starr Tattoo

Below is an out-of-print Gang Starr Interview from the Source Magazine's July 1992 issue. I found this magazine in an old box filled with past hip-hop treasures that I keep in my closet. I think this might have been Gang Starr's first interview with the Source. In the interview, Guru and DJ Premier talk about the three B's: Brooklyn, Beats and Blunts. They also discuss their early beginnings, their latest song "A Jazz Thing" and their third LP, A Daily Operation. There's no by-line on the story, so I don't know who wrote this piece.

Read and enjoy.

And don't say I never gave you guys anything.

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Source July 1992 Cover

Where Credit Is Due Page 1

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Where Credit Is Due Page 2

Where Credit Is Due Part 3

Where Credit Is Due Part 4