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Drake Lights It Up With Jay-Z

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Drake -- "Light Up" (featuring Jay-Z)

I don't usually post songs with tags on them because they ARE FUCKING ANNOYING.

But this new Drake song is fantastic!

Drake's "Light Up" boasts a thunderous beat and an introspective rap from Jay-Z, himself.

This is clearly Jay-Z's song since he upstaged Drake lyrically on the track with his tenacious verses. Jigga sounds like the Jay-Z of yesteryear when he would have that weird umlaut ÿ attached to his rap moniker.

I love Hov's last verses:

And since no good deed go unpunished

I'm not as cool with niggas as I once was

I once was / Cool as the Fonz was

But these bright lights turn me into a monsta

Sorry mama, I promised it wouldn't change me

But I would have went insane had I remained the same me

Fuck niggas, bitches too

All I got is this money

This will do . . .

Jay-Z's terse words makes me want to dig into my old boxes and find that Reasonable Doubt CD.

In any case, this is the Hov I want to hear more of in the future and not that pop shit he brainwashed music critics with on his lackluster Blueprint 3 album. Yes, Blueprint 3 was wack, sans "Empire State of Mind."

I'll also thank Drake later when I download the song from his upcoming debut LP Thank Me Later, due out on June 15. I'm not entirely sold on copping his entire album, yet.

I'm not on the Drake train like those other blogs.