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'Nasty' As She Wanna Be: Janet Jackson

Beyoncé maybe the Queen of R&B, but she has nothing on Janet Jackson. The singer-actress gave a stellar performance on the season-nine finale of American Idol Wednesday night. Sporting a new shorter hairdo and wearing a flowing black dress, Jackson sung her latest single, "Nothing," as the audience obliged her with soft hand claps.

After singing "Nothing," the 44-year-old songbird switched momentum and turned it up for a rousing performance of "Nasty," her breakthrough song from her third LP, Control. Flanked by male dancers, Jackson returned to the stage in a skintight black bodysuit, which showed off her flawless curves, as she prowled the stage like a black panther. Near the end of the performance, the male dancers were without their shirts and Janet stood proud on the far left amid a light show of emerald-colored lasers.

For a woman her in mid-40's, Janet Jackson has the body of a 24-year-old Olympic gymnast.

Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley (eck!), Ciara, Beyonce . . . take notes.

Enough talk. For your viewing pleasure, Janet Jackson performing "Nasty."

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