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Seven Years And Counting . . .

Happy 7th Anniversary!

I'm a little late on this . . .

But this month marks the seven-year anniversary of Beats and Rants' existence on the web.

On July 13, I decided to switch over to Typepad after previously writing on a few blogging platforms, including Believe or not, I got kicked off for uploading audio (MP3s) on my blog. Yes young'uns, there was a time when bloggers were actually forbidden to upload MP3s onto their blogs. Back in the days, if you posted MP3s on your blog you were considered an outlaw blogger who was giving the middle finger to the tall Israelis music industry.

Boy, those were the days.

I've still got a lot of work to do with this blog. My personal life prevents me from getting busy with redesigning it. I know this blog needs an uplift.

But I would like to thank my loyal readers for continuing to visit my blog. Even though you guys don't comment on my posts, I still see you. (I have Google Analytics on this blog!)

Props to all of the new and veteran rap bloggers (particularly, Nah Right) who are making a $1 million lot of noise with this blogging shit. I'll catch up with y'all, soon.

Stay with me. I'm not going anywhere.

And, as always . . .


New Music: Medina Green - "Okie Dokie" (Ayatollah Remix)

Medina Green - "Okie Dokie" (Ayatollah Remix)


This is a cool summertime track from New York rapper Medina Green that has been on constant rotation via my iTunes jukebox (*that's what I call it). Producer Ayatollah blessed this joint with a nice Michael Jackson sample (source?) and a banging beat.

The song is from Medina's forthcoming LP titled Save the Children. The collection will features guest appearances from Mos Def, Sadat X, Talib Kweli and Joell Ortiz.


Ayatollah - "Reefer"; New LP In Stores Now


Ayatollah's new digital-only LP Cocoon is available at online stores today (July 20). The collection is the follow-up to the New York beatmaker's previous album The Quixotic, which was released four months ago.

I appreciate 'Tollah's instrumental albums because sometimes I only want to listen to some banging BEATS and no rapping.

In his new video for "Reefer," Ayatollah offers fans a glimpse into his daily routine of record digging, hanging out in Brooklyn and sitting in front of the MPC making a hot beat.

Cocoon LP and Tracklisting


New Music: Fat Joe - "I'm Gone" (Prod. DJ Premier)

Dark Man: Rapper Fat Joe DJ Premier

Fat Joe -- "I'm Gone" (Produced by DJ Premier)

DJ Premier Blog

Over DJ Premier's solemn, piano-driven track, Fat Joe recalls his long-standing career in the rap game and expresses his true feelings about today's hip-hop landscape. The song is especially noteworthy because it was recorded on the day Guru died, thus, Joey Crack's R.I.P. salutes to the departed at the end of the track.

Lean back and listen to some real street talk. Crack!