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New Video: International Quincy - "Words From Me"

Man In The Mirror: International Quincy

It would be easy for me to dismiss this video as wack, but I'm not going to do that. What peaked my curiosity is International Quincy's pedigree. If you don't know, his biological father is legendary R&B crooner Al B. Sure! and his stepfather is Diddy. So, I know that talent is part of his DNA.

Quincy is a chip off of his father's broad shoulders: He has a unibrow (just like his father), he has puffy lips (just like his father), he's light-skinted (like his father), has smokey eyes (like his father), he can sing . . . Hooold up! Uh, no. Unfortunately, that didn't crossover to him.

The clip is a nice introduction of him to his dedicated fans on the Internet. In the video, he offers some advice ("People listen up, take it slow/ As far as business goes/ that's not to play with/ stop letting your co-workers also be the one you lay with") and seduces the ladies (Girl don't be shy/ it's just me and you/ ooh baby I'll be stuck to you like glue").

The music may not be on the level of his famous father, but he's growing and figuring out his career path. I'm not mad at him. I want him to development his musical skills.

On a side note, who is the hottie in the video? She is incredibly beautiful! Good laaawd!

One thing is for sure, International Quincy knows how to pull the women . . . just like his famous father(s).


New Video: R. Kelly - "When A Woman Loves"

Cooke-ing Up Soul: R. Kelly

R. Kelly -- "When A Woman Loves"

Much like his doo-wop ballad, R. Kelly offers a '50's throwback vibe in his cool new video for "When A Woman Loves." The video was directed by Jeremy Rall, and according to reports, Kels drew on memories of his mother's favorite singers, from Sam Cooke to Marvin Gaye, to create the video.

It's a great video. But I don't think it comes close to his classic "If I Could Turn Back Time the Hands of Time," which was directed by F. Gary Gray.


Hurricane Katrina: 5 Years Later

Stars & Stripes: Hurricane Katrina - 5 Years Later

I had to piggy-back off of Ian at Different Kitchen who was flabbergasted, as was I, when he read this headline:

Louisianans Give Bush Higher Marks Than Obama for Crisis Response. [AOL Politics Daily]

Oh, how soon we forget . . . let me refresh your memories:


Soul Survivor: Charmaine Neville Raped at Shelter During Katrina Ordeal

More Reflections:

Katrina -- Five Years Later

"I look at the post-Katrina piece as a game of musical chairs. Once the music gets turned off, the white folks have a place to sit down, a place to sleep, a place for their children to go to school. We're [African-Americans] going back to a trailer." -- Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin.

5-Year Anniversary of Katrina's Wrath Somber, Reflective


New Music: Kanye West - "Monster" (F/ Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)

Monster Smash: Kanye West's New Single

Kanye West -- "Monster" (Featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)

Kanye West kept his promise and dropped his first exclusive song as part of his four-month-long G.O.O.D. Friday new music campaign. Apparently, this track will appear on 'Ye's collaborative 5-song EP with Jay-Z titled Watch the ThroneThe beat is crazy and Minaj spits some macabre punchlines alongside Jigga and Rozay. I also hear Gap Band frontman Charlie Wilson crooning at the end of the song, too. Not a monstrous track, but it's a decent head-nodder for your weekend enjoyment. Take a listen.