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New Music: Nicki Minaj - "Roman's Revenge" (F/ Eminem)




How apropos for Halloween. Nicki Minaj teams up with Eminem for this macabre song from her Pink Friday album (due Nov. 22). Nicki and Em become their evil alter-egos Roman Zolanski and Slim Shady, respectively, to spit nihilistic rhymes at one another over the chaotic Swizz Beatz track. Em slaughtered Nicki on the track with his bloodied rhymes of murder and mayhem. It seems that revenge is bittersweet between these two lovebirds. What do you think?


Nicki Minaj -- "Roman's Revenge" (Featuring Eminem)

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Nicki Minaj 'In Shock' Over Eminem Collaboration (via MTV)


New Music: Kanye West - "The Joy" (F/ Jay-Z, Pete Rock, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson & Curtis Mayfield)




Kanye West tapped legendary hip-hop producer Pete Rock to create this soulful rap track called "The Joy." Pete clearly sampled Curtis Mayfield's touching 1970 ballad "The Makings of You." The song also features the crooning skills of Charlie Wilson and cameos from Jay-Z and Kid Cudi. Now these are the makings of a classic hit. Enjoy!


New Music: Kanye West -- "The Joy" (Featuring Jay-Z, Pete Rock, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson & Curtis Mayfield)

The Life Files


New Music: Kool G. Rap - "Fast Life" (Buckwild Remix) [F/ Nas]




To coincide with the release of his Nineteen Ninety Now LP with Celph Titled, hip-hop producer Buckwild is releasing a limited-edition vinyl EP (only 200 copies available) titled Buckwild Presents... (via No Sleep Recordings). The collection boasts previously unreleased tracks with Celph, while the B-side features some unreleased remixes Buck produced for Da Bush Babees, Tha Alkaholiks and more. Below is the lost remix of Kool G. Rap's "Fast Life" (featuring Nas), which never got released. Buckwild explains why:

"I worked on this somewhat later then I should have. Even though I did the album version and it was the single, Salaam’s remix was chosen before I even turned this in. I was going to use it on the white label, but went with the Nas and AZ songs instead."


Kool G. Rap -- "Fast Life" (Buckwild Remix) [Featuring Nas]



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