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Best Album of the Year '10: Aloe Blacc - Good Things


Good Things Album


Aloe Blacc -- Good Things


Trouble Man: Aloe Blacc

The heir to Marvin Gaye's soulful legacy has been passed on to 31-year-old singer Aloe Blacc. The crooner's fantastic album Good Things (Stones Throw) is the What's Going On for the millennial generation. Blacc has created a historical document for our economic and social times with his songs of optimism, love and redemption. While Gaye's What's Going On was told from a point of a view of a soldier coming home from the Vietnam War, Blacc's Good Things is from the vision of a man struggling through the Recession.

 Blacc's breakout single, "I Need a Dollar," is a social critique that speaks broadly to the unemployed - more so to the black working class.The helplessness in that song finds its resolution in other tracks that celebrates black love. On "You Make Me Smile," he praises his lady for holding him down as he struggles to find work. There also are cautionary tales ("Femme Fatale") and upbeat tunes ("Green Lights").

I will never forget Blacc's album Good Things. And if you don't get teary-eyed listening to "Mama Hold My Hand" then you are soulless and you need to check your pulse.


Aloe Blacc -- "I Need a Dollar" (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Performance)

The SS x Yardie


Aloe Blacc -- "Femme Fatale"


Aloe Blacc -- "You Make Me Smile"


Aloe Blacc -- "Mama Hold My Hand"