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God MC?: Rapper Lil B


I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Lil B aka Based God. I think there's an inkling of talent in him, as I wrote in a previous post, but, in general, his rapping skills are extremely subpar.

Hip-Hop journalist Dallas Penn wrote a thoughtful review of Lil B's historic concert at New York's Highline Ballroom, in which fans were offering their mothers and girlfriends to the illustrious Based God. After watching the videos, Lil B is indeed the Jim Jones of rap and I'm not talking about the Dipset rapper, either. Rappers would kill to have Lil B's cult-like status.

Penn also recorded a hilarious video of him doing the wanton soup dance via Lil B's song "Wanton Soup." I also added Lil B's new video for "Look Like Jesus." The clip is pure comedy to me but apparently some folks are upset that Lil B is calling himself Jesus. I loved the scene where Lil B is texting on his Blackberry in the pulpit. Yeah Lil B, you're going to hell for that.

I can't be mad at the Based God. His worth ethic and fan loyalty cannot be denied. He may not be the greatest rapper in the world, but his love and respect for his fans is commendable. I just hope Lil B can take this momentum into the studio and produced a classic rap album. I'm not so sure he can.


Dallas Penn x Lil B -- "Wonton Soup"


Lil B -- "Look Like Jesus"