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Good grief. When did things go so wrong for Consequence? The former G.O.O.D. Music rapper has unleashed a verbal attack on Pusha T, one of the newest signees to Kanye West's label.

On "The Plagiarist Society," the cons accuses Pusha of biting his rhymes and spitting imaginary coke raps."I guess baby Thornton must be snortin' whatever Tony was importin' when they caught him/ 'Cause all that dope rap, is really joke rap / If you investigate it thoroughly it's Kojak," he spits. He later adds, "You'll never get a trophy dealing with the Steelers; They steal niggas lines, steal niggas flows."

At the end of the song, he sends a warning shot to Mr. Yeezy and states he's up next for a lyrical beat down.

Will Pusha T respond to Cons' diss is anyone's guess. I think he will. Hopefully, we will hear a noteworthy rap battle between the two (alá Jay-Z and Nas?).


Consequence -- "The Plagiarist Society" (Pusha T Diss)