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Listen: Lil Wayne - "She Will" (F/ Drake) [Produced by T-Minus]


Lil Wayne Single




Say what you want about Lil Wayne, but this song knocks hard like a motherfucker. I can't stop playing this joint. "She Will" is the first single from Weezy's upcoming LP Tha Carter IV (due Aug. 29).

Tunechi spits a couple of great one-liners on here, my favorite: "I like my girl thick / Not just kinda fine / Eat her ’til she cry / Call it whine and dine."

But Lil Wayne might get into a little trouble with this track. According to the sample-digging blog Hip-Hop Is Read, it appears that the song's producer T-Minus "lifted" some elements from singer-songwriter Jim Guthrie's tune "The Cloud." Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Guthrie himself that he's going to be on the hottest rap song of the summer.


Jim Guthrie's Tweet


Uh, Weezy you've got some 'splainin to do!



New Video: Rapsody - "Lampin'" (Produced by Eric G.)


Cold Lampin': Rapsody



Like I've said many times on this blog, we definitely need more estrogen in hip-hop. I love Nicki Minaj, but damn, I can only listen to 'Super Bass' a couple of times before I'm on to the next joint.

Enter Rapsody. A member of the North Carolina rap collective Kooley High, she's now venturing on her own as a solo artist under the tutelage of mentor and producer 9th Wonder.

Peep her latest video for 'Lampin' from her free digital LP Thank H.E.R. Now (Jamla/IWWMG). The beat sounds like it was produced by 9th, but it wasn't -- credit Eric G for the soul-sampled, booming beat-snare production.

I'm scratching my head as to why Rapsody is spitting rhymes in a cabbage patch, but I love that she's rocking the TDK Boombox we profiled here on Beats and Rants.

Directed by Kenneth Price, the video features Rapsody reflecting on her past struggles coming up in the rap game and what the future holds for her. "I'm lampin' far from any mansion / But the future I see me up in them Hamptons / Larger than life and gigantic / From the slums to the villains, fantastic," she spits.


Bring the feelin' back.



New Video: Common - "Ghetto Dreams" (F/ Nas)





Our dreams have now been fulfilled -- Common has released the video for "Ghetto Dreams," a banging street song with a lot of grit.

Directed by Matt Alonzo, Common, along with co-star Nas, mean-mugs for the camera as they talk about their favorite type of 'hood chick.

Model Bria Myles represents the duo's dream of the perfect wifey -- at home she is a freak who likes to cook pancakes butt-nekkid, but out on the street, she is a professional businesswoman. Sounds good to me.

Common's album The Dreamer, The Believer is due to hit stores in November via his new label, Warner Music Group.


New Video: Jay-Z and Kanye West - "Otis"


Kanye West Jay-Z


Jay-Z and Kanye West premiered their new video for "Otis," the first single from their polarizing rap album Watch the Throne.

The clip features the powerhouse rap tandem destroying an expensive Maybach vehicle and later joy-riding in its empty shell with beautiful foreign models in the backseat. If look closely you'll spot Yeezy's buddy, funnyman Aziz Ansari (of NBC's Community) trying to hang with the big dawgs.

This is a fun video, which was directed by Spike Jonze who helmed Yeezy's infamous 2008 video "Flashing Lights."