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New Music: ASAP Rocky - "Back To The Future"


Harlem Knight: Rapper ASAP Rocky


Here's a new track from an up-and-coming rapper named ASAP Rocky. He's been making a lot of noise lately with his viral videos on YouTube and I wouldn't be surprised if he nabs a record deal soon just like pint-size troublemaker Kreayshawn. What's interesting about this dude is that he's from Harlem, New York, but his music sounds like it came from the sizzurp capital of Houston, Texas.

His smoker-friendly song "Back to the Future" is slated to appear on his mixtape LiveLoveA$AP, due out later this month. I'm digging some of the songs from ASAP Rocky, although some of his lyrics bore the hell out of me. I also posted his fantastic video for "Purple Swag," which is the best swagged-out song of 2011. Keep your eyes open and your ears ready for ASAP Rocky, he's got next.


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ASAP Rocky -- "Purple Swag"