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Video: Idris Elba And The Bullitts Conquer Big Chill Festival


Shooting Star: Bullitts Member Idris Elba


I have been hearing a lot about this motley crew of artists and celebrities called The Bullitts. In this video, we get to see actor-rapper Idris Elba live out his dream of performing at the prestigious Big Chill Festival in England with the Bullitts. Fellow rapper Jay Electronica and actress Lucy Liu are also onstage.

Every time I see Elba I think of his infamous television character Stringer Bell on HBO's The Wire. He's equally as good as the mysterious detective John Luther in BBC drama Luther. I'm indifferent about him as a rapper because I only heard a few songs from him, but I'm happy that he's living out his dreams.


The Bullitts Performance At The Big Chill Festival 2011