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New Video: Wayne Brady - "5 Fingers of Death" Freestyle on #SwayInTheMorning


Another week, another freestyle. This time funnyman Wayne Brady was in the hot seat on Shade45's Sway in the Morning radio show as he spitted off the dome over five different beats. Brady was rapping about a Michael Jackson hologram and other non-sensical things over beats by Tupac Shakur ("Hail Mary"), Mobb Deep ("Survival of the Fittest"), Waka Flocka Flame ("Hard in the Paint"), Lil Jon ("I Don't Give a Fuck") and N.W.A. ("Straight Outta Compton").

"I got my start on a show with my man Drew Carey / I had an Asian chick and then we got married," he raps, adding, "I got myself a little daughter / And, hold on, my shit is too fire so bring the water."

So does Wayne Brady still make Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X?