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New Music: Hit-Boy - "Old School Caddy" (F/ Kid Cudi)



After dropping his rap debut ("Jay-Z Interview") last month, producer-turned-rapper Hit-Boy releases another banging track called "Old School Caddy." The rollicking beat, hypnotic guitars and keyboards is reminiscent of the production sound of the Dungeon Family. I can't get the infectious chorus out of my head ("I’ma get mine 'til the world gonna see, crusin’ down the block trying to clock my ends / Old school Caddy or a new school Benz"). It all sounds fantastic!

Hit-Boy has some lyrical skills and his flow fits perfectly with the beat. He raps, "Remember to bring skrilla cause I don't do shit for free / And if you want a track, get ready to pay a fee / And if you want to act like syndicated TV / Old ass nigga, step aside for the new surf swag nigga / My shit iller, matter of fact my shit killer / Them niggas clones, I'm getting on for being realer."

Kid Cudi also brings some dope rhymes to the mix, sounding like the Mr. Rager of old that I've missed on his previous albums. "Niggas forced my hand, now I'd love to end these niggas / But my daughter got a father who is off his fucking rocker / No one to run the globe because the stoner chief rocker / Range ripper, honest little motherfucker / In the SLS stuntin like a motherfucker," he spits.

This a certified street banger from Hit-Boy. Hip-hop needs more of this...immediately!