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New Video: Bling47 Breaks - Dilla Edition with Black Milk (Sparkle)


Rapper-Producer Black Milk


Filmmaker-producer Waajeed's break series "Bling47 Breaks" is a great video series on the unique production sounds and samples created by the late and great J Dilla.

In the latest video, Detroit producer-rapper Black Milk talks about one of Dilla's slept-on samples he utilized on the Busta Rhymes song "Enjoy the Ride" (aka "Sparkle") from his Anarchy album. The sample came from a song titled "The Dream Suite" by a 1970s group called Dream. From that tune Dilla chopped up the horns, flutes, kazoos and other instruments for the Bussa-Buss joint.

Dilla wasn't the only person who used the "Dream Suite" sample. Legendary producer Sam Sever flipped it on the 3rd Bass track "Derelicts of Dialect." So this sample has some history.

But only Dilla was able to EQ'd the sample into mood music. Watch and learn.


**Bonus**: Just sparkle now...