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New Video: Shad - "It Ain’t Over"


The last time I wrote about Shad, I gave him props for his stellar third LP TSOL, which garnered several Canadian honors for being one of the best rap albums in 2011. The song "Keep Shining" was among the many standout tracks from the collection.

The Canuck rhyme-slinger is back with a new video for "It Ain't Over." The song samples Lenny Kravitz's violin-driven ballad "It Ain't Over Till It's Over," which Shad hopes the uncommonly handsome singer doesn't sue him for using it. Directed by GARY, the clip features Shad searching for a committed relationship after a break-up.

To check out Shad's latest EP melancholy and the infinite shadness click THIS.

New Video: Snoop Dogg Chats with Action Bronson on GGN Show

Action Bronson and Young Eggs

Snoop Dogg has the best interviews with rappers and celebrities on his YouTube show GGN. On his latest episode, the veteran rhyme-slinger chats with rising indie rapper Action Bronson. Snoop talks to Bronson about his new projects and his grilling techniques."Catch me doing back-flips in and out of vehicles, jumping out of planes landing on jet-skis in tuxedos," says Bronson. "And dancing underwater without getting wet," adds Snoop.

The comedy gold happens near the end when Snoop Dogg tells his story about how he was nicknamed "Young Eggs" while working at McDonalds in Detroit when he was a young teen. It's hilarious!