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New Video: Public Enemy - 'Get Up Stand Up' Featuring Brother Ali

Brother in Arms: Brother Ali and Chuck D

It's always great to hear Public Enemy frontman Chuck D's baritone voice command people to "Get up" and "Stand up" and fight against social injustice.

"I ain't on nobody's Power List / I ball my fist with my audience / I raise my fist with my audience like this," spits Chuck D.

The new P.E. visual for "Get Up, Stand Up," directed by David C. Snyder, features footage of Chuck D. and his hype man Flavor Flav rocking the crowd on their U.S. tour. Brother Ali joins the duo to light a spark in our brains with his fiery rhymes.

The funky Gary G-Wiz-produced anthem "Get Up, Stand Up" is from Public Enemy's new album Get Evil vs Heroes, which is available here.