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New Video: Bobby Generic - "Characters Welcome"

Bronx Representer: Rapper Bobby Generic

I don't know much about up-and-coming Bronx rapper Bobby Generic, but this one thing is true -- he is a phenomenal rapper from the BX.

I stumbled upon his music while surfing the web, and, shockingly, NO hip-hop blog is talking about this talented emcee. Well, it shouldn't be shocking given the state of today's hip-hop journalism, but I digress.

His free EP, Characters Welcome, is available on and I encourage you to go and check him out. The collection boasts some great production and lyricism by Bobby Generic.

He's already garnering noise with his first-person visual 'Famous Nobody.' On the track, he reflects on his hip-hop memories as he pursues to become finally famous.

In his new black-and-white clip for "Characters Welcome," Bobby Generic raps about being the up-and-coming champion in rap and preparing to win at all cost. Mixed with clips of his idols in the world of movies (Spike Lee), sports (Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali) and music (Michael Jackson), Generic sees himself following in their greatness with a mic in his hand.

"To those liars / I'm mo fire / A man no pious / Nigga, I'm a motherfucking live wire / I generate an electric field / Only my flows can kill / I'll rob and steal at any man I deal," he raps.

There's nothing generic about Bobby's music. His 'Characters Welcome' EP reminds me of a young lion decades ago who dropped a stellar debut album called 'College Dropout.' And today, he's one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop and he's banging a Kardashian.

All jokes aside, Bobby Generic is promising rapper who, if he stays focused, is headed on a path of greatness. I posted a few of my favorite tracks from the Characters Welcome EP below. Enjoy and support!