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New Video: Jay Z - 'Holy Grail' Featuring Justin Timberlake

Holy Smoke: Jay Z in 'Holy Grail' Video
Facebook/Jay Z

Jay Z released today (Aug. 29) the new video for "Holy Grail," his braggadocios anthem from his stellar album, Magna Carta, Holy Grail.

The clip was released in conjunction with Facebook, which I'm quite sure, is much to the chagrin of Hov's co-star Justin Timberlake who is an investor in MySpace.

The visual is very dark and chopped-and-screwed with JT's yearning chorus starting in the middle and, occasionally, verses are slowed down and distorted.

Jay can be seen watching the infamous 1990 boxing match in which Mike Tyson gets knocked out by Buster Douglas. We also see him puffing on a cigar and rocking his dukie cuban links chain.

Then we see Timberlake sitting at a table singing the chorus and watching women dancing with tablecloths covering them. I'm assuming that the female dancers are evoking emotions.

I also find it ironic that Hov will drop a video today on Michael Jackson's 55th birthday since in one of his lines, he raps, "Illest nigga alive / Michael Jackson's Thriller."

Overall, it's a visually captivating video, courtesy of director Anthony Mandler, and follows behind Jay Z's great art film for 'Picasso Baby.'

You may have to sign into Facebook in order to watch the video. Those are Mark Zuckerburg's rules not mines.

Otherwise, enjoy the clip!

New Video: Maurice "Mobetta" Brown - "Back at the Ranch" Feat. Jean Grae


Hip-hop has always been synonymous with jazz but I don't have to tell you that -- just listen to any Gang Starr album.

Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Maurice Brown (aka Mobetta) is merging those two worlds together on his upcoming album, Maurice Vs. Mobetta. The LP finds the musician balancing his love for jazz with his hip-hop alter ego, Mobetta.

The set's first single is 'Back at the Ranch' featuring Jean Grae.

The Olise Forel-directed video features Brown blowing his trumpet while Jean Greasy spits some tough-talking rhymes. Throughout the clip you'll see Brown in his fine threads (representing his jazz side) and then in street gear as Mobetta (representing his hip-hop side) hanging out with Grae.

Brown's album, Maurice Vs. Mobetta, will arrive in stores later this year. The collection boasts features from Talib Kweli, Prodigy and Consequence.