G.U.R.U. Clothing Line: "Summer 2011" MC Keithy E Collection


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As previously reported, the X Label has teamed up with Listen clothing to establish the G.U.R.U. apparel line with a collection of T-shirts honoring the late rapper Keith "Guru" Elam of Gang Starr.

A selection of new T-shirts from the "Summer 2011" MC Keithy E Collection were posted on the X Label's blog with no additional information provided. Among them:

The "MC of the Year" shirt, which boasts "MC Keithy E" handwritten in graffiti.

The "Stars Above" olive-colored tee features a star wrapped in chains, which symbolizes the Gang Starr brand.

The "Ill Kid Records" T-shirt represents Guru's once-fledging indie label whose roster included Group Home, Big Shug, Bahamadia, True Master and others.

The "Arena" shirt boasts Guru's image from the front cover of Gang Starr's classic 1991 Step in the Arena album.

As of the previous T-shirts, which are available for purchase, they should retail for $26. As of yet, no release date has been set for the shirts.


G.U.R.U Clothing Line Launched In Honor of Late Rapper


G.U.R.U. T-shirt

In honor of the late rapper Keith "Guru" Elam, the X Label have teamed up with Listen Clothing to release the G.U.R.U. clothing line.

So far, the collection boasts two T-shirts, both priced at $26. The first tee is the "Keithy E Demo Tape" (pictured above), which features Guru (then known as MC Keithy E) posing on the cover of his first demo tape in 1986. The second tee is "I Am GURU," which is a black shirt with white lettering detailing the chronological order of Guru's rap career. A percentage of all T-shirts sales will go to Guru's trust fund for his son, KC.

The X Label was founded last year by Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff in Los Angeles. Listen Clothing is a hip-hop themed apparel company formed by Peruvian-born brothers the Revells.

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