New Video: Murs + 9th Wonder - 'What Up Tho'

Watch Out For This Guy: Rapper Murs

Murs is bringing the fun back to hip-hop with his zany video for "What up Tho," which is from his final collaborative album with 9th Wonder called Final Adventure.

In the clip, Murs plays the worst high school cafeteria server on the planet. Not only does he leave pubic hairs in the potato salad, he busts people in the face with whipped-cream pies. Oh, and he also starts food fights, as well.

Directed by Hobostewd, the video has an ending that will probably raise eyebrows -- it has something to do with snorting pork grinds. The clip is all kinds of food porn.

Check out Murs at the Paid Duest Festival this spring and summer.