New Video: Bling47 Breaks - Dilla Edition with Rich Medina (History)


"History" Teachers: DJ Rich Medina J Dilla

Are you guys ready for a history lesson? DJ Rich Medina discusses how J Dilla flip the Mary Wells song "Two Lovers History" into an infectious beat for Mos Def's "History" (featuring Talib Kweli).

I have to agree with Medina that Dilla's sample was a "more mature version of that Kanye West-school of production" where he speeded up the soul sample into a chipmunk sound. Medina compared Dilla's creative sampling as a Mercedes-Benz to Yeezy's Toyota. No shots, of course. This is about music production and the innovativeness of the late J Dilla.

Rest in peace, Dilla Dawg. And thank you for the "History" lesson.


**BONUS**: "Served over Dilla time signatures / It's miracle material..."

New Music: Aaliyah - "Enough Said" (Featuring Drake)


Enough-Said Cvr

Despite Timbland's disapproval, Drake has moved forward with his posthumous Aaliyah duet song called 'Enough Said.' The Young Money superstar also plans to perform the single tonight (Aug. 5) at his annual OVO Music Festival in Toronto. It looks like Aaliyah's estate allowed the collaboration to happened. If you look at the cover art the Blackground Records insignia is on it. *Kanye Shrug*

Produced by Noah "40" Shebib, the melancholy song features Drake rapping about the woes of being rich and famous. "Every million I gain an enemy or a cousin / And people's feelings have changed ever since I became somethin'," he raps. "Girls are becoming ladies and my friends are havin' babies / And babies are droppin' dead in my city, this shit is crazy."

Aaliyah's angelic voice is only heard on the chorus as she sings to Drizzy, "You say you've got a lot on your mind say it now let's talk about it, talk about it. I hate to see you feel this way so tell me what I can do to make it better for you."

Overall, it's not a bad song, but nothing spectacular. Maybe next time, Drake should give Timbo and Missy Elliott a call first.


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New Music: OutKast - "ATLiens" (Urban Noize Remix)



I'm not a big fan of rappers or producers remixing classic songs (Yes, I'm talking to you Lupe Fiasco!). In my humble opinion, some artists today don't have the creativity or the skill to rework a classic record or even update an already classic song. But I digress...

Miami-based production team Urban Noize did a fine job remixing OutKast's classic 1996 tune "ATLiens." Using a vintage soul sample and a thumping beat, Urban Noize reminds us how much we miss the dynamic duo and the urgency for an OutKast reunion album. I also included the original track below. Now throw yo' hands in the aye-rrr and wave them like you just don't care-rrr.

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Throw Yo' Hands in the Aye-rrr!

New Video: Nas - "Daughters"


Father's Day is not too far away (in three weeks), so the message in Nas' video for "Daughters" is real important. In the end, what Nas is stating is that if fathers maintain a strong bond with their daughters it will help them build their self-esteem. The P.O.V.-styled clip was directed by Chris Robinson and features Nas' real-life 17-year-old daughter Destiny Jones. It's a great video for a great song. I wish more rappers would get more personal in their songs. The materialistic boasting is wearing me out.

Nas' tenth album Life Is Good is due out on July 17.

New Music: Goodie Mob - "Is That You God?"


The Obama Effect Movie Poster

Now this is what I'm talking about. The newly-reunited group Goodie Mob returns with a new song called "Is That You God?," which is slated to appear in the indie flick The Obama Effect. The song is reminiscent of Mob's hip-hop and gospel-tinged sermons featured on their classic 1995 debut LP Soul Food. This is way better than their previously-released track "Fight to Win."

As for the movie The Obama Effect, it stars Charles Dutton as an unhealthy 50-year-old insurance salesman who becomes obsessed with getting Barack Obama elected into office and gets heavily involved in the 2008 presidential campaign. However, his extreme obsession with Obama soon takes a toll on his family and on his failing health.

The Obama Effect will open in theaters on July 13.


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