New Video: Nicki Minaj Conquers New York


Nicki Minaj



I don't normally post concert clips from other rap blogs because they tend to be loud, out of focus and poorly edited. But this video was filmed and edited very well. And I do like Nicki Minaj. I'm glad that she is conquering the world and enlisting Barbies to her regime.

MTD captured footage of Nicki rocking the crowd at New York's Best Buy theatre to launch Casio's new Tryx camera. In the clip, the rap Barbie performed "Roman's Revenge" and "Did It on 'Em." There's also footage of Nicki answering rumors about her possibly touring with Britney Spears and collaborating with Beyoncé on her new album.

**UPDATE**: It's official! Nicki Minaj will join Britney on her North American tour in June.


New Gear: TDK Boombox


TDK Boombox


The iconic '80s boombox is making a comeback thanks to TDK. The audio electronics company has updated the old-school radio with the TDK 3-Speaker Boombox (price: $TBA). It has a modern design, 6-inch subwoofer, a visual equalizer, USB port and touch-sensitive buttons. There's no tape deck, instead there is an input for your iPod or iPhone to play your tunes. You can play the boombox via AC power outlet or, if you want to keep it old school, load it up with a dozen "D" batteries. That's right, 12 motherfuckin' D batteries. The boombox is perfect for your next impromptu breakdance battle.

 Hopefully, you don't go through the same torture as Radio Raheem did when he had to buy D batteries at the neighborhood corner store in Do the Right Thing.